RWLL - Field of Dreams


       Radnor Wayne little League would like to thank the many generous donating families whose contributions were integral to the renovation improvements at the Encke Field complex on Iven Ave. including the new snack shack/restroom, new electronic scoreboards, and field enhancements.


* * Recognition of donations of $1,000 or more have been commemorated on permanent plaques, which can be seen on the new building.




Donations of  $400 - $500



Conlon Family
Constable Family
Engstrom Family
Fosnocht Family
Frost Family
Hicke Family
Ryan Family
Zaslow Family 





TRIPLES CLUB: Donations $300



Borowski Family
Hermann Family
Karnavas Family
Krug Family 
Lovenguth Family
Mullen Family
Silvers Family
Vollmer Family





DOUBLES CLUB: Donations $200

Condran Family

Kramer Selbach Family

Piatt Family

Cox Family

Lohmeier Family

Rioboli Family

DiLella Family

Magen/Wilcox Family

Sears Family

Dowd Family

Mandel Family

Shea Family

Dustin Family

Marzolf Family

Treadway Family

Haas Family

McCall Family

Trevisani Family

Hart Family

McCloskey Family

Webb Family

Hartman Family

McWilliams Family

2015 Wayne Legion PREP Team

Kaper Family

Mendelson Family


Kessler Family

Nourian Family



SINGLES CLUB:  Donations: $100   


Adams Family

Coleman/Stitz Family

Korenberg Family

Pratt Family

Aljian Family

Conen Family

Lake Family

Quinn Family

Ambler Family

Crowley Family

Lihota Family

Ryan Family

Anagnos Family

Dalkin Family

McCormack Family

Seidl Family

Armstrong Family

David Deputy

McDermott Family

Slate Family

Bailey Family

Drake Family

McFadden/Buono Family

Smith Family

Bassiri Family

Ebmeyer Family

McMullin Family

Stein Family

Bentley Family

Engle Family

Miltenberger Family

Suh Family

Botticelli Family

Fluck Family


Talone Family

Bowers Family

Frascella Family

Moffa Family

Tessler/Kim Family

Brennan Family

Grube Family

Montrella Family

Thota Family

Brown Family

Hammond Family

Monty Family

Tierney/McCann Family

Campbell Family

Hodgens Family

Moon Jung Choi

Ullman Family

Chambers Family

Horchler Family

Morabito Family

Vandergeest Family

Chen Family

Hunn Family

Mucksavage Family

Walsh Family

Choi Family

Jones Family

Mullen Family

White Family

Chung Family

Jordan Family

North Family

Williams Family

Church Family

Kelly Barnes

Park/Kwon Family


Clark/Carsley Family 

Kelman Family



Cleffi Family

Klein Family

Pomeroy Family